• 22 September 2012

Passbook in iOS 6

iOS 6's new Passbook AppPassbook if the iOS 6 feature that businesses need to keep their eyes on. Passbook in iOS 6 is, like its name, a central storage for all your discount coupons, offers, tickets, loyalty cards and in theory, all location and time sensitive authentication devices.

Though people have been calling it a half-baked product, but that is partially because there are not many businesses using passbook coupons and offers at the moment. Once this changes, things are going to be much different. Passbook is also location sensitive so this is also going to make using it easier for people. It is only a matter of time when people start using it regularly and it becomes ubiquitous.

The problem Apple is trying to solve is a really good one and its about time it got an elegant solution. But the problem I see in Apple’s solution is that Apple is building a platform limited to Apple. In my opinion this problem should be solved jointly by all the major Mobile operating systems. Businesses can’t deal with all platforms, they see passes as passes, coupons as coupons. To them its a marketing tool.

This is where the opportunity lies, I believe. A layer that unifies all the major mobile platforms for passes. This is already happening in payments, but passes, not so much at the moment.

We are hoping to see some startups in this field soon. Thoughts? Please do share below.

2 Responses to “Passbook in iOS 6”

  1. hagoleshet October 10, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    An interesting question is also will Passbook stick to being a huge pile of stacked coupons or will it become more of a financial platform which will allow users to do much more than get a discount.
    BillGuard for Passbook was the first financial product to integrate into Passbook allowing consumers to create a pass for their credit/debit card so that they have easy access to their balance as well as BillGuard’s alerts for suspicious charges. Will Apple push more of this type implementation for the benefit of their users?

  2. Paul Tomes November 4, 2012 at 4:37 am #

    With over 200 million people now with Passbook in their phones there’s no doubt in my mind that Passbook, and digital Passes, will start to ramp up. Just by the sheer number of requests I get everyday to enable businesses in Passbook it’s set to be a big thing.

    Passbook was certainly not launched so well.. but over the next few years we will see this as a standard way of issuing coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, stored value cards etc… and I am sure this will also start to drive some standardisation across platforms.

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