• 20 September 2012

Do you also hate the new Apple maps?

I absolutely hate the new maps. Flyover is a cool toy, why not just have it as a stand alone app? The maps app is something I use most frequently after email, web and perhaps camera. And I am not looking to see a ariel view of a few nice cities, I am trying to get to a place.

The maps just don’t have much info in India, where I live and a billion other people. I know India is not important for Apple, can we have the old maps back please in that case?

People are reporting that the search messe up a lot.

Turn by turn is great, but Google maps could have done that. Anyways, till Apple maps are usable in day to day life, please give us our beloved maps back.

Who wants the old maps back? Please comment below and maybe Apple will listen.

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