Who We Are

We’re a full-fledged mobile development service company.

We provide products as solutions, a startup incubator, and some of the best development and design in the industry.

We’ve taken care to set ourselves up as an agile company with the ability to grow and scale quickly without fear, helping our clients do the same.

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What We Care About

Throughout the creation and deployment of 100+ apps, we put our focus on quality, speed, agility and security of the apps we build.

We don’t compromise on coding or design, help you get your app to the market as quickly as possible with the agility to grow and scale, and keep your IP and user information as secure as if it were our own.

Customised developmentget a custom mobile game developed

of your game ideas on iOS, Android and Windows

  • Stakeholder based approach
  • Dedicated team with experience of 50+ games
  • Total transparency at every step

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Full cycle supportlaunch a mobile game

from conceptualization to design, going beyond launch

  • Engagement, retention and monetization at the core of every design decision
  • Analyse user behaviour, segment your users and iterate
  • Custom dashboard and analytics solution

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You bring us your ideatechnology to make a mobile game

and we’ll help you choose the right platform

  • Specialization in 2D and 3D game engines
  • Using Unity, Corona, Cocos 2D, Box2D and CRY among others
  • 2D and 3D design team to create an immersive experience

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50+ games developedget a mobile game developed

across 12 genres

  • Deep insights from our experience to make your game a success
  • Expertise in social- real time and turn based game play
  • Branded games to help you engage your customers

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What Makes Us Different

You don't have to look hard to find an app developer. There's literally one on every corner.

But amongst the crowd, it's difficult to find developers that value and treat code as if it were a work of art.

Because we believe that each app developed has the potential to impact and change many lives, we make sure each app we make is fully optimized for its users and works with the best, latest technology.

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Our core calling is to believe in people and good ideas, to focus on achieving superb outcomes, and to work with the utmost allegiance to every project we take on.


We created a vision to use as a map to guide us into the future and help us stay at the cutting edge of making innovative ideas real.

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  • Hub of Innovation - To continually steep ourselves in new ideas, no matter how out-of-the-box they are, and to support innovative startups.
  • Passion - To invest ourselves into every project we work on as if it were our own.
  • Quality - To use the best tools and hire the best people to create the best products. To work without compromise.
  • Inspiration - To inspire others and open ourselves up to inspiration from our clients, our competitors, and the world of tech in general. To be a place where strong individuals come together to figure out the best solutions.
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