Who We Are

We began as a traditional technology solution provider, developing anything under the sun. After having developed platforms in the Communication and Social Networking Space, we soon found a growing need for platforms for goods and services across different verticals.

These new platforms required creation of value in such a way that its consumption could be fast and instantaneous. This needed a dynamic workforce with a robust, scalable and mobile first technology layer to manage that dynamic workforce.

After developing 100s of these platforms, we realised what makes these platforms click. We use a Technology MEAN Stack that uses a nodeJS web services layer running over an Amazon cloud working with native mobile apps.

What We Do

We have identified the common denominator to help the end platform owners save time and money and allow them to focus on their core product. They can draw comfort from the fact that the underlying technology is already driving successful platforms around the world.

We have been working in the On Demand space building platforms for the dynamic workforce for the last 2 years. This focus has led to Juggernaut (one of the products) evolve as a platform that takes a top down approach, closer to a standard SDLC, towards the business model needs of the stakeholders.

In addition, we are also working on Tookan, an off the shelf SAAS product for helping SMB's and early stage startups to manage their mobile workforce. Solution is designed around generalized workflows enabling applications for businesses managing field personnel, deliveries and services.

Meet The Team


Samar Singla



Parag Jain



Rohit Goyal



Sanjay Dhakar



Shyam Bhethana

VP Sales


Sarah Terrezas

Account Manager


Mohit Goyal

VP Products


Kunal Sethiya

VP Products



Solutions Architect


Harshil Lakhani

Full Stack Marketer


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